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IMG_1850Engaging, practical and effective training in bullying prevention, intervention strategies, and persuasive problem solving techniques. Participants learn persuasion techniques and communication strategies instructors can use in the classroom, in the moment and on the spot, as well as create goodwill in meetings with students and colleagues. Participants in this workshop will be able to:

  • Address student to instructor bullying
  • Re-direct destructive and disruptive behavior
  • Apply strategies for dealing with verbal abuse and defusing tension
  • Utilize communication scripts to effectively de-escalate situations and open communication

This workshop is designed to assist persons in positions of authority to defuse tension and ethically address resistance. It is based on the knowledge that many resistant people can be won over through a process based on goodwill, empathy, and accurate data. It is strategic because the authority figure intentionally selects a flow of conversation that engages the triad of relationship, emotions, and issues. Authority figures can all learn how to better use their relationship skills by connecting before correcting. In the end, the resistant person is invited to make betters decisions based on their own self-interest.

Other workshops

The School Climate Institute, through Impact Coaching & Speaking , also provides half day and full day workshops for colleges and universities through team building retreats, strategic planning support, communication skill building, reducing department barriers, customer service skills, and other useful topics.

“The staff evaluations were fantastic saying the workshop was engaging, practical and useful. Thank you!” – El Paso Community College