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Cyberbullying, CyberSafety, & Digital Citizenship

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Cyberbullying and Cyber Safety Training

Social media sources kik skype vine etcMany schools, students, and parents are struggling with how to stop cyberbullying and mean-spirited behavior in social media and texting. Inappropriate comments and photos, hurtful rumors, and threats and harassment are not new phenomenons but the ways in which they spread are changing fast. Bullying used to end at the end of the school day but now everyone can access digital tools 24 hours a day to hurt one person or thousands in an instant.

We are living with the “always on” generation with little knowledge or training about how to keep themselves or their friends from leaving a digital scar which cannot be erased. Anything students write or post can come back to haunt them when applying for jobs or for college. It is critical to equip students and adults with knowledge and tools to be informed digital citizens and to protect themselves in a this new era.

Bullying I hate you it happens everywhere collageOur interactive, multimedia training helps participants understand new media and equips them with practical and applicable strategies to create responsible digital citizens and a cyber safe environment.

  • Cyberbullying and Cyber Safety for Students in Assemblies / Workshops
  • Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
  • Tools for Schools and Staff to Prevent, Reduce and Address Cyberbullying & Improve Cyber Safety
  • What Parents Need to Know: Cyber Safety and Social Media