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School Climate Support

Benefits of our Positive School Climate Support

  • Reduce bullying, mistreatment, referrals and discipline issues
  • Increase buy in from staff, parents and students for positive change
  • Rejuvenate your school climate with support from seasoned experts
  • Improve test scores, attendance, morale and connectedness

Download the flyer of our school climate support services here

We provide comprehensive training, planning and ongoing coaching for districts and schools to initiate, strengthen, and sustain school climate improvement. We work collaboratively within your current school structures to bolster existing efforts or make a fresh start.

  • Comprehensive bullying prevention training for students, staff and parents and increased support for school climate improvement efforts
  • Action planning and professional facilitation sessions to implement and sustain climate improvement and bullying prevention with individual leaders and school teams
  • Ongoing coaching and technical assistance through email, phone and in-person support which can include site visits, training and coaching sessions for students, staff and parents.
  • Internationally experienced climate trainers and facilitators who have helped over 400 schools and districts in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Northern Ireland.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs with training and support that typically includes:

Staff development training in bullying prevention and school climate improvement alongside ongoing leadership or staff coaching, in private or small group sessions to help with of any of the stages of climate improvement (planning, evaluation, action planning, implementation, re-evaluation).

Student Training, Assemblies, and/or Focus Groups – Move students from being Bystanders to Upstanders and allies in positive climate change.

Parent Support Workshops – Help parents/guardians learn practical bullying prevention strategies and help them be collaborative partners in the bullying prevention and climate improvement process.

School Climate Assessment – Quickly and accurately assess student, parent, and school personnel perceptions to gather the information you need to make informed decisions. Your school’s findings are presented in a customized report with concrete data, easy-to-read graphs and presentation tools to aid targeted action plans for sustained and measurable school-wide improvement. We utilize a confidential in-depth profile of your school community’s strengths and needs in safety, teaching and learning, interpersonal relationships, and the institutional environment with the only available empirically validated school climate survey (the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory from the National School Climate Center ).

On site action planning and professional coaching – Implement and sustain bullying prevention and climate improvement with individual school leaders and teams.

Training and Services fees: Vary be size of school/district. For information contact John Linney, Director.