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007: Making kindness contagious: Random acts of kindness tips w/ Carrie Wrubel

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In this episode
Observing bullying behavior is infectious but so is observing kindness. Guest Carrie Wrubel discusses fun, easy ways to incorporate kindness in schools and elsewhere to create places where kindness becomes contagious.

About today’s guest
Carrie Wrubel supports schools and teachers in the implementation of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s “Kindness in the Classroom” resources. Carrie (B.A.) has experience as a primary school teacher and it was in these classrooms that she recognized the need for social emotional support in the classroom for students as well as teachers. As the Education Program Manager at the Foundation, Carrie believes that kindness can have an enormous impact on not only the lives of students, but on everyone in a school setting.

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“How do you handle students who make side comments in class that are subtle or not so subtle put downs? I don’t want to let them slide but I don’t want a student to feel like they can get me off track either. What do you suggest?”

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