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013: Getting Kids to Care: Teach empathy & kindness with service

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Young people believe that adults are more interested in having students who achieve than having students who care for others. We have to change that belief. Leading with compassion will lead students and others to do the same. Young people often complain, “I’m bored,” but how do you get them to think how they can serve and help others? Guest Sheila Sjolseth explains how life changing service can take just seconds.

About today’s guest

Sheila Sjolseth is the founder and President of Pennies of Time: Teach Kids to Serve, teaching kids to be kind, empathetic, and respond to community needs. She holds a Master’s Degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her career experience comes from teaching to serving as a district administrator, and at the US Department of Education supporting programs for students that are at-risk.

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