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020: Building Relationships as an Egoless Educator

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It’s common sense that educators need to build relationships and connectedness so students can learn and feel safe. But how exactly do we do it? Moving towards being an egoless educator is a step in the right direction. Guest Jim Sturtevant shares how to do that and more practical ideas to move relationship building from being common sense to being common practice.

About today’s guest

Jim Sturtevant first stepped in front of high school students in 1985 but a classroom visitor recently said to him, “Your students seem so relaxed and happy. How’d you create this atmosphere?” After much reflection and research, Jim is now prepared to answer the question in this Edspiration interview and in his book, “You Gotta Connect: “You’ve Gotta Connect: Building Relationships That Lead to Engaged Students, Productive Classrooms, and Higher Achievement.”

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Guest Links

  • pjsturtevant@gmail.com
  • www.Jamesalansturtevant.com
  • Twitter: @jamessturtevant

The Edspiration Inbox Answers…

“I work in a district office. I was embarrassed by the behavior of my adult colleagues who were complaining about and disrespectful to students being in their office disturbing their work. Can you help?” Nancy, Colorado

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