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021: How classroom color, decor, and design affects learning & what to do about it

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In this episode

The color in your classroom, the decor on your walls, posters and other parts of the physical classroom environment affect student happiness and learning. Eoin Lenihan explains simple, practical, & powerful things you can do to your classroom tomorrow to improve student experiences & interactions while creating a dynamic thinking rich environment.

About today’s guest

Eoin Lenihan is a dynamic lecturer of Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg, Germany. He previously taught at the Bavarian International School and the International School of Augsburg where he became a practitioner and advocate of Inquiry-Based Learning. His research and teaching focuses on Internationally-Minded Education, German school reform and Evidence-Based Teaching.

Recommended Resources:

  • OWP/P Architects, VS Furniture and Bruce Mau Design (2010). The Third Teacher: 79 ways you can use design to transform teaching and learning. New York (NY): Abrams. [Great for inspirational and practical ideas]
  • Hattie, J. (1999). Visible Learning. New York (NY): Routledge.
  • Richhart, R., Church, M. and Morrison, K. (2011). Making Thinking Visible. San Francisco (CA): Jossey-Bass [Thinking routines, when and why to use them]

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