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024: How to Go from Technophobe to Tech Savvy

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Is your school debating whether to let students use their devices in class? Technology is tearing down walls and it isn’t going anywhere so how you can become more tech savvy? Anyone can be a digital leader as a teacher, administrator or student. You don’t have to be fearful, it’s easy if you know where to start. Guest Katrina Keene offers great tips such as the Tweechme app, leveraging Twitter Chats and Skype Classroom, or creating a Parent University to learn in easy, bite size chunks.

About today’s guest

Dr. Katrina Keene has spent 15 years in the K-12 technology education field and enjoys researching and integrating new technologies into classrooms. Katrina hosts twitter chats on the subject of technology use and can be found in several well-known EdTech publications. Her love for education is driven by her focus on effective classroom technologies.

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The Edspiration Inbox Answers…

“I enjoyed your show on bridging the school and home technical divide a couple weeks ago. I don’t get much positive support from my students’ parents, what have you seen work in this area?”Thomas, New Mexico

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