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028: What to do when teaching gets tough with peers & parents

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How can we help difficult colleagues act more respectfully, challenging parents be more supportive, or make rigid policies more flexible? Dr. Allen Mendler offers strategies to help us cope and cooperate with challenging people whether they’re peers, parents, or supervisors. Using his ideas will help you build your resilience when teaching gets tough to reduce stress and experience more freedom.

About today’s guest

Dr. Allen Mendler is the author or co-author of many publications including The Resilient Teacher, the iconic Discipline with Dignity and best sellers When Teaching Gets Tough and Motivating Students Who Don’t Care and blogs for Edutopia. Allen provides seminars as a highly acclaimed speaker delivering effective strategies for educators, professionals, and parents to help youth & adults succeed.

Recommended Resources:

  • Mendler, Allen N. (2014). The Resilient Teacher: How do I stay positive and effective when dealing with difficult people and policies. Alexandria, VA: ASCD Arias.
  • Mendler, Allen N. (2012). When Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Game. Alexandria VA: ASCD

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How can we work through the difficult and sensitive challenge of grouping or dividing older students into gender groups in an era of increased awareness of the gender binary and diversity dynamics?

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