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041: Go Beyond Testing for Positive Change

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How can educators & parents escape the culture of over-testing & overscheduling to create movements for meaningful teaching & learning? Learning is a process and right now many schools are too focused on the product. Award winning filmmaker & best selling author, Vicki Abeles shares research and strategies from courageous schools breaking free from that obsessive culture and making powerful changes.

About today’s guest

Vicki Abeles is an ex-Wall Street lawyer turned filmmaker, education advocate, and New York Times best selling author. She is also the founder of a non-profit, grassroots organization that guides communities as they redefine student success and promote the health, learning and wellness of the whole child. She lives in the San Francisco area with her family.

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“We are having a speaker come in for a student assembly to talk about bullying what would you suggest to help it go well?”  – Leslie, Nova Scotia, Canada

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