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069: Growth Mindsets Change Thinking & Change Lives

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Fixed mindsets are not what many kids are born with, yet that changes as we teach them to play the game of school with compliance, our grading practices, and even how we speak. So how do we foster a growth mindset instead? Guest Brad Weinstein explains how to encourage growth in any student by changing our language and creating opportunities that allow them to create, fail, and persevere.

About today’s guest

Brad Weinstein is the principal at Irvington Preparatory Academy in Indianapolis. He is a former science teacher who helped implement the innovative student-led concept known as Genius Hour into the everyday classroom. Brad is well-known for his student-led learning and growth mindset posts on Twitter on one of the fastest growing educational accounts in the world.

Recommended Resources:

  • “Mindset” by Carol Dweck
  • “Pure Genius” by Don Wettrick

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