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080: Self-Care, Student-Care, and School-Care Tips from 7 Educators

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In this episode

Navigate our new normal in education with help from 7 education experts, facilitators, and practitioners sharing their strategies and ideas. During this fluid time you might be providing education in a virtual space, in-person, or a blend of both making self-care, student-care and school-care more important than ever. This lively panel of education practitioners from @CollaborateEdu share how we can recharge ourselves, energize our instruction, and create a vibrant and positive learning environment.

About today’s guest

Tisha Marina Bernard – Educator for 15 years, based in Los Angeles and founder of “I Choose Peace Academy,” a global youth leadership movement.  Alejandro Vilchez – Educator and Principal of “AB Consulting” in San Francisco bay area focused on violence prevention, youth development and team building. Annette Schyadre – Creator of “Compassionate Communities” and a speaker, and education consultant based in Washington State. Shaylene King – Founder of the Mean Girl Extinction Project based in Tennessee working with girls to combat relational aggression to create communities of kindness.  Kristi Trader – Based in Michigan and leader of “Embody Kind” working with multiple industries to embody kindness in ourselves, homes, relationships and communities. Lidia Lopez – worked over 25 years in education and is the Creator of “Movimiento de Corazon” based in Southern California focusing on youth advocacy and education.

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