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Harnessing Student Power to Stop Bullying and Violence

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“Violence Knows No Zip Code” – John Linney

Youth-on-youth mistreatment is getting younger, meaner, and harder for adults to identify…

and more acceptable

Bullying – A National Epidemic

U.S. Bullying Stats According to Safe School Ambassadors:

  • 25,000 secondary school students are targets of attacks or robberies.
  • Over 1600 teachers are threatened each day and 300 are assaulted by students
  • 160,000 students stay home from school because they are afraid of what someone will say or do to them.
  • 22% of 4th through 8th graders report academic problems due to bullying

Every Day in America
160,000 students stay home from school because they are afraid of how they might be treated by their peers. Every day, thousands ­ or millions ­ more come to school with a knot in their guts ­ unable to concentrate, learn, or perform at their best ­ because they are afraid they’ll be insulted, harassed, assaulted or worse. Every day…Linney jpeg color

Students Hold the Key
Students see, hear, and know things adults don’t… and they can intervene in ways adults can’t. But too often they don’t because they fear retaliation and don’t know what to do.

What if a cadre of courageous, committed and skilled students ­ the social leaders of your school’s diverse cliques, those most likely to speak up ­ were preventing and stopping exclusion, teasing, bullying and other forms of violence on your campus… right now? **from SSA Website

The Oprah Winfrey & Doctor Phil’s Television Shows Have Recently Featured Bullying
As Oprah’s recent shows on bullying so clearly point out, students hold the key to creating physically and emotionally safe schools. In more than 400 schools in the United States and Canada, over 18,000 Safe School Ambassadors are reducing teasing, insults, gossip, bullying, harassment and fighting using non-violent communication skills. These socially influential student leaders from diverse cliques are promoting tolerance and helping their friends treat people right.