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Edspiration Anticipation: New Podcast Coming Soon!

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I am so excited that very soon I get to introduce the Edspiration Podcast. I created Edspiration after countless conversations with educators around the world who shared their wishes, needs, challenges and hopes. In one school I worked with, the principal said something that hit me in the heart. She said, “I don’t know where to turn, I feel like we have tried everything but we are so busy dealing with fires,” then she started to choke back tears and said, “I don’t know what to do, I feel like I am losing hope.” I later thought, if she is losing hope, I wonder how the staff feel and how the students feel. But deep down, she was still looking for solutions to building a school everyone wanted to be. It’s time to fight small fires with a bigger fire; the fire, passion, and knowledge to apply solutions.

There are countless ideas and resources but if schools are too busy dealing with everyday issues, they have very little time or energy to get out in front of the problems they face and create the practices, policies or programming that will help them create the climate they desire. But every teacher, administrator, counselor, principal, student and parent can do something every day to make a positive environment. Most educators are great innovators if they are freed up, empowered and equipped to do so. My hope is that Edspiration can add some fuel to the bigger fire educators want to spark in their students, their school, or to simply reignite in themselves.